Thursday, April 5, 2012

This and That

No quilty sewing going on at the moment. But I am torturing my sewing machine nonetheless by sewing this heavy-duty tarpaulin into tent pole bags. I've done one of two and believe me getting the needle and tension right was not fun. This is definitely one of those projects where close is good enough. I'll make the secong bag on Saturday as I will be home alone. My husband and my youngest daughter will be going driving so she can get enough hours in her logbook to get her license. She needs 25 and she's at 15. Of course she needs a zippy little car to do it in. She's worked hard to buy this little car, and we are glad she chose to get a new one. She's really looking forward to the freedom of not relying on public transport and Taxi Mum.
And because I simply don't have much to say lately, I will share with you a classic Australian snack: SAO biscuits with vegemite and cheese. Perfect with a cup of tea and also good for the occasional light lunch.
Blogger is being very funny - does Google really think they've improved it? Why try to tweak or fix something if it works the way people want it? I can't insert any links and it disappears my photos when I try to shift them. Can't wait to see what happens when I try to post. Hopefully you'll be reading this!

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Lurline said...

Lovely little car for DD - well deserved! I thought it was just me having trouble with Blogger, Shari - let's hope things can be improved!
Happy Easter hugs - Lurline♥

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