Friday, February 26, 2010

My Get Up and Go...

Got Up and Went...

This is a quaint expression my mother used to say, and I believe it's quite common now. I've been a bit blah lately and feeling overwhelmed so all quiet on the sewing/blogging front. Just been getting through work and a few home chores/family stuff as best I can. It's been so hot and so dry - drought dry. Headaches and blah - I'm sure you all know what I mean. So I'm trying to keep up with enough water but even as we speak my poor fingers are sweating on the keyboard - and the AC is on... sigh. So I am going to go and have another glass of water with a dash of lime, a cool shower, and absolutely force myself to do something - anything - in my sewing room to try to kick start my motivation. Heaven knows I have enough to do...

But maybe a nap first...

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potholders - The Kind You Use

I've seen some pretty fabulous potholders out there in blogland, but almost always they are decorative and not used...

My mother-in-law has made me numerous potholders over the years. She stuffs them with old tea towels. She says you need to use three layers of toweling because two will allow you to burn your fingers. These are the real workhorses of my kitchen. The top pair is the oldest. Well-used and needing a wash by the looks of it...
So this wonderful woman turned 80 last Saturday and we got a lot of the family and numerous friends together to celebrate. She asked for no gifts, but I thought I would make her a couple of potholders - it seemed the right thing to do..

They're not fancy, and not made with tea towels... I used two layers of cotton wadding. I know she will actually use these, and that's the whole point. And they match her kitchen...

So family gatherings are photo ops. Here I am with my two oldest daughters. This is in the grounds of a private high school where my brother-in-law teaches.

"Mum and Dad" with their four children. Mr Fixit is on the far right.

The 'immediate' family, less a few who had to work or couldn't get there.

And my gorgeous youngest daughter who couldn't be there. She said I had to use this picture because she looks cute in it...

Well, off to the day job. Thursday I do the late shift. Hope you are all surviving this very weird weather!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Doll Quilt and Quilt Rescue

No sewing at the moment so thought I'd show you some old family quilts.

This one measures between 13 and 14 inches square. Construction is by hand with hand quilting. The wadding is very thin now. This one was made by my mother or her mother, but it was my mother's as a child. I played with it as a child too.
You can see the construction is a half square triangle and a four patch. The binding just scooted around the corner somehow.
This quilt was made by my mother. It measures about 16 by 32 inches. I had to de-construct it as the wadding was an old wool blanket that shrunk dramatically at some stage when it was washed. It wasn't quilted. It was tied with knitting wool. I cut the ties and took the binding off. The backing was purple. I love the black and white check binding. It is sewn by hand. I plan to put a new backing and binding on, and cotton wadding. Not sure yet if I will hand quilt it or tie it again. A close up of some of the yummy fabrics...Sadly, housework calls. That's one call that eventually you just have to answer.

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