Friday, June 14, 2013

Caught My Eye

This quilt is made from the 'apple core' shape. Incredibly clever.
Quilt name: Blooming Azalea
Made by: Yvonne Skodt
"When holidaying in Tokyo we saw the last bit of the cherry blossoms, but we were so glad that we got to the beautiful vibrant coloured blooming azaleas everywhere."
Original design.
Quilt name: Blue Mountains
Made by: Elizabeth Lewis
"This is a charm quilt and contains 1050 different fabrics and has been hand quilted." An original design.
Quilt name: Flying North
Made by: Helen Perlman
"Made from Oakshott shot cottons. This quilt depicts fat geese flying upwards. This quilt is designed by Andy and featured on his blog Andy calls this 'Right Turn Only.'

I haven't tried strip tube piecing - but I do like the look of this.
Add that method to the list!
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

President's Choice

Awarded "President's Choice"
'Bojagi for a Public Servant'
by Cherry Johnston
Cherry states "Inspired by Korean Bojagi (patchwork wrapping cloths). This quilt is made from discarded woollen garments worn by my family members over many years. Quilt designed by Cherry.
This quilt and the one below are the results of a workshop with
Lisa Walton of 'Dyed & Gone to Heaven'.

This quilt was made by Charmian Lees, a QuiltWest Committee member.
For display only.
This quilt was made by Rebecca Stewart-Bartell,
also a Committee member,
for her six year old daughter. For display only.

The "Membership" table was located just in front
of this sweet mermaid quilt.
Everyone who looked at it smiled, so I got lots of vicarious smiles!
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Friday, June 7, 2013

WAQA Community Quilts

WAQA call the quilts that are given away "Community Quilts".
It was changed from charity quilts years ago as it seemed more appropriate. Each year our members donate literally hundreds and hundreds of quilts ranging in size from 10" for stillborn memory boxes to humidicrib covers to lap quilts for the Royal Flying Doctors Service to large bed quilts. They go to hospitals and hospices and refuges and foster children and fundraising and disaster relief.

These are just some of quilts on display at the exhibition donated to our program. We have a very dedicated team who allocates quilts where they are needed in liaison with the organisations.

I think these quilts are amazing. I love the 3-D effect of the one below.
The machine quilting on the quilts is donated in most cases as well.
I'm proud to be a part of such a great organisation.

Don't we quilt to share the love?
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QuiltWest 2013 Best of Show

The Western Australian Quilters' Association
recently held their annual exhibition.
Best of Show was awarded to Jocelyne Leath for her quilt 'Papa'.
'Papa' detail.

From the catalogue:
"Textured portraiture in the raw. De-colourant used to create variation of colour in fabric. Free machine quilted, inspired by the works of Mary Pal and her use of cheesecloth. An original design inspired by an article on Mary Pal in the "Quilting Arts' magazine."

The WAQA website has been updated to show all the prize-winning
quilts from this year's exhibition. You can see them here.
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Attention Downton Abbey Fans

Andover Fabrics is delighted to announce that the first exclusive collection of licensed fabrics for Downton Abbey ® will be available to you this November.

Too delicious.

In other news, no sewing here. Guild paperwork though.
Will catch up with you soon about our quilt show.

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