Friday, August 28, 2009


Do you think these rare Australian spiders
will make it through customs?

Edit: These are off to Jane for the Spooktacular Halloween Block Swap!

Monday, August 24, 2009

At the Retreat recently I was able to continue work on a project I started at the last retreat held in April. I blogged about it here. Working with so many different fibres and weights was difficult and I finally decided to stabilise the fabrics with lightweight interfacing. Overall I am happy with the results, although as I had already cut all my pieces, I had to cut the interfacing the same and then iron it to the back of each piece, except the four patches were already sewn together so they have just one piece. It was like cutting the quilt out all over again.
The blocks are laid out to continue the piecing...
The interfacing...

This is coming together nicely, but taking too long... no more swaps! (sigh) I need to be independently wealthy so I can totally indulge myself in my sewing... maybe one day...


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Other Retreat Photos

Margaret does the most beautiful hand applique...
Tanya brings her own chair...
Lots of colour...
Heirloom tatting...
Practising machine quilting by drawing first...
Half the room...
It is believed that a good time was had by all...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sewing Machines

These are some of the machines I saw at the Retreat. The first one is mine. There was also a Singer Featherweight, but it was put away before I did the photos (sigh).

Friday, August 21, 2009

The retreat seems so long ago now as it was all work and taking kids to the doctors and all that sort of thing this week! Whew!

So I did manage to finish a quilt this week. The bulk of the work was done at the retreat with the hand sewing of the binding done at home. This is a 48 inch by 60 inch child's quilt that is going to Italy and hopefully won't have missed the deadline.
I did something interesting with this quilt. I sewed the squares in to rows. I pin-basted the wadding to the backing. I then sewed/quilted in one step to add the rows to the wadding/backing using a stitch and flip method. I've done this with smaller projects and it occurred to me to try it with a larger project. In theory it should work. One thing I didn't do was put a guideline on the wadding which I will do if I do this again, although overall the drift was hardly noticeable and only because I went looking for it.
Wadding and backing...

Lots of pinning...

Lots of pinning at corners...

Like rows of soldiers...

That's a lot of pins! Thank goodness for a Kwik Klip!



Monday, August 17, 2009

Retreat News

Safety Bay

I wrote an article about the retreat for our guild newsletter so will be lazy and post it. (It will be published in September) It was a great time! And thank you for all your kind comments. Will catch up with your posts this week!

WAQA Winter Retreat – Penola by The Sea

The winter weather this year has been quite variable and those attending the WAQA Retreat last month experienced a full range conditions. On Friday, 37 women braved driving rain and gale-force winds to travel to Penola by the Sea at Safety Bay on the coast south of Perth. We all arrived safely but our nerves had certainly been tested! All that was soon forgotten though as friends were greeted and machines were set up or hand sewing organised. As buckets of rain and the howling wind battered the building, we were safe and snug in the sturdy building fed by good food and laughter. While some of the ladies retired early, others sewed late into the night (well, after midnight anyway). But everyone knew they would be cosy and warm in their beds as electric blankets were supplied. What a luxury!

Saturday brought more rain and wind and even hail but that didn’t slow our productivity. I always joke that it’s like a sweatshop – but we are happily sewing away without oppression – only driven by our own obsession to get that project finished! And many of us were able to finish UFO’s that had been nagging us for some time. What a great feeling! Saturday night was the traditional show and tell with many fabulous finished and works-in-progress shown. (Would love to see those in QuiltWest next year!)

Sunday brought sunshine! With the lovely light we madly continued to sew right up to the last minute available. After lunch ladies began to trickle away as some had a longer drive home. A great feeling of accomplishment was experienced by many.

Throughout the Retreat our able hostesses Shelley Pinnell and Tanya Barker ensured that we were comfortable and had all we needed. They also kept us well entertained with word puzzles, funny stories, spot prizes and numerous lucky door prizes. Our Retreats run so smoothly thanks to all their hard work! Thank you ladies!

Our shop in attendance was Kraft Daze Sewing World. We had a generous selection of fat quarters, books and all those little things we seem to forget. Jenny also had a selection of pre-cut fabrics such as jelly rolls, layer cakes and sweet rolls. (Can you tell that quilter’s have an obsession with food?) And if she didn’t have something we needed, she brought it from the shop the next day! Thank you Jenny!

Attendance at a Retreat is a privilege of membership and if you haven’t attended before I so strongly encourage you to! It is so much fun and you get so much done! If you are shy and don’t think you know anyone, you can sit with me! I’ll probably talk your ear off, but I promise to let you get a word in now and again…

Our next Retreat is at Swanleigh, Middle Swan, in April. Be sure and watch for the registration in the QQ as places will fill up fast. Hope to see you there!

Cheers – Shari Jamieson

Thursday, August 13, 2009

St Joseph's Retreat

I'm off for a few days to enjoy a weekend retreat. It's being held on the coast a little south of Perth. We are in a church facility that is dedicated to enabling hard-working nuns and priests to retreat and enjoy spiritual refreshment and physical well-being. We of course will set up a sweatshop and sew 20 hour days! Ok - there will be plenty of food and maybe a little wine and definitely chocolate so conditions shouldn't be too rough! I don' t think we will be kite-surfing as in the above picture. Forecast is for rain! And I just re-read the brochure and the beds have electric blankets! Whoo-hoo!
Catchya' later!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Sneak Peak

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Early Quilt

I've seen a few 'first quilts' on blogs lately so decided to show you this. This is my second finished quilt (the first was a Barbie quilt and it is in the possession of one of my daughters).

I traced a tumbler out of a quilt book which I then traced onto fabric. I added the seam allowance with a clear quilter's quarter and cut them out with scissors. I then hand-stitched them together in rows. I used scraps from my grandmother's box and made two of each fabric. I laid them out in opposites so where they met in the middle row were two of the same (the tee-pee fabric). I then added some old curtain off-cuts (not from my curtains but picked up from a neighbour). I padded it with an old mattress protector but did not pad the borders.

(Yes, I still have that hideous rug...)

I tied it at the corners with a cross-stitch of embroidery thread - very tedious!!

I made if for the bench seat in my Tarago (a.k.a. Previa) and I did not pad the edges so it could be tucked into the seat easier.
This was about 1996 or 1997. It's lasted pretty well, but I have just noticed a couple of spots that will need a patch.

The nine-patch below is published just for Jane to show her I am working on my Halloween blocks for the swap. I'm not going to show my other block just yet - it will be a surprise!

The winter weather has been sunny and warm during the day, but really cold at night. The warmish days are forecast for all week, with an occasional shower. Hope you are enjoying the weather where you are...

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