Saturday, April 14, 2012

Non-Quilty Projects

When I came to use my daughter's computer the other day, this is what I saw. She is a very interesting young woman. The bunny is now gone, and the Angry Bird wears the bell.
So the only sewing going on has been to make another tent pole bag. This time I boxed the bottom as the poles were bigger. It will be good to distribute the weight across two bags instead of the original one.
We've also been working on the car seat - some of the foam had perished so we cut away the old bit, shaped the new bit to closely match and then glued it in.
To repair the tear we trimmed the loose threads, drew the edges together then glued a patch to the back. We then weighted the whole thing with a brick. We used the baking paper so any excess glue wouldn't stick to the wrong thing. It worked really well.
Both seats are back in the van and looking good. Today we've been bleeding the brake lines and the clutch. Should be ready for a test drive soon. The van is 20 years old, but so worth keeping going. It's a Toyota Tarago and there's no reason it shouldn't last another 10 years or more. I have a quilting retreat next weekend, so hopefully will actually get something pretty under my needle.

As an aside, I've been trying to reduce the amount of time I spend on the computer. I'm trying to re-focus my thinking and improve my short-term memory and comprehension. I do believe that too much blog-hopping has been adding to the effects of Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.


Anonymous said...

how clever Shari.xx

Allie said...

LOL - the bird is wearing the bell now - that made me laugh! Good job on the seats, and yes, there's no reason the van shouldn't last at least another 10 years. Toyota's are known for that and I love mine! really think blog-hopping is adding to the effects? Say it ain't so!

Laura said...

AAADD - LOL! I hate to admit that it set in for me in my 20's!

Cool - that your sewing comes in so handy! Non-quilty projects are rarely as fun as quilty, but they sure feel good when they're done - probably more than quilty projects!

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