Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Card Box

I'm learning how to use both my camera and this blog so thought I would practise with a little lesson on making boxes out of greeting cards. I'm sure you've all seen this before.
You will need a greeting card (last year's Christmas cards work well), ruler, pencil, paper scissors, eraser and tape.

Cut the front of the card from the back on the centre fold. Then trim a scant quarter inch from one short side and one long side of the back of the card. The front of the card becomes the top of the box and the back becomes the bottom. As the bottom has to fit into the top, the bottom of the box needs to be slightly smaller.
With the ruler line up the diagonal and mark a short line in the centre of the card. Repeat with the other diagonal.

Where the two lines intersect is the centre of the card.

Fold each short side to the centre, lining up the edges to keep the fold square.

Do the same for the long sides.

In this photo I have drawn a line along the fold to indicate where to cut the card. I don't normally draw these in but just follow the fold.

Cut along the fold, stopping when you reach the perpendicular fold. (These are my husband's hands in this photo.)

At this point you can choose to erase the pencil mark, or not, as you prefer.

Fold the long sides up and overlap the little flaps as shown.

Fold down the short flap over the side of the box. This flap can be secured with tape if desired.

Repeat the process with the back of the card to make the bottom of the box.

Box is finished.

Here are a few that I have made. One year I made 120 boxes and filled them with lollies, stickers and little treats. I was a volunteer Scripture teacher and I made one for each of my students. A friend of mine once did a Christmas present swap with her family and the present had to fit in the box this size. I have a few around the place for special buttons etc. Cards with a centered design work really well.

I hope the instructions and photos are clear enough for you to make your own if you didn't already know how.




Lurline's Place said...

Fabulous - aren't you tired? - I've just watched The Doctor starring William Hurt - off to bed now!
'Nite, 'nite - Lurline!

Mel said...

I'm soooo glad you shared this!! I made similar boxes as a child, but forgot how. They especially make a great presentation for homemade gifts!

Julia said...

Great tut Shari,
That's a great idea, better way to recycle them, than in the bin..
Hugs julia

em's scrapbag said...

Thanks for sharing this. I had lost the instructions I once had to make these. I've bookmarked it so I will be able to find it when I need it.

Julie said...

Aren't you a clever cookie. I keep all my Christmas card in the hope I can find a use for them one day. I hate to waste them, some are so beautiful. I've used a few for gift tags but I just love your boxes.

nannergirl said...

Thanks Shari! I've been cutting up my Christmas cards for years, and usually use the fronts for projects for my students. This year, since I'm off, my daughter has been making collages with them. But I've still got loads and this is the perfect way to use them. Thanks so much for sharing :)

nima said...

wow...that was an awesome tutorial. Thank you for sharing

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