Monday, April 23, 2012

Swanleigh Retreat

I went to the Swanleigh Retreat over the weekend and met up with my lovely quilting friends. We had large, well-lit rooms to work in with plenty of room for all our stuff.

My little friend Shaun came with me. He had a good look around at all the projects.

And of course there was lots of yummy food around.

And shopping too.

It was a really lovely weekend. I will be posting my work in a few days.
I hope your April is progressing nicely. 
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Robyn G. said...

ooh Shaun is such a cutie!
Fabulous pics... sounds like you had the best time :)

Anonymous said...

lovely post Shari,retreats are so much fun.xx

Julia said...

Great pics Shari...nice to get away for some fun..
Love Shaun..he's too cute!
Julia ♥

Laura said...

Ooo a retreat?! Looks like fun! And I have to admit to having 'Shaun the Sheep's theme song start running through my head with your pictures of him. I didn't know he had such good taste!
Fun post!

Sue said...

I'm glad you and Shaun had fun at Swanleigh. I've never been there but am going soon with the Scquilters. So looking forward to it but we wont be surrounded by all that food!...('cos we'll eat it too quickly!).

Nanette Merrill said...

What a great way to present photos from a memorable weekend. Love this post.

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