Friday, September 27, 2013

From the No-Fuss Retreat

Only Secret Santa Sewing Going on Here.
I'd love to show you the really interesting pattern I've chosen. And the way I have to re-draft it and re-size it to make it extra special. And the wonderful fabrics I've pulled from my stash along with a few special pieces from the LQS. Yes, I would love to share all, but alas, not allowed. As I'm a good girl (most of the time) I will obey my swap mama - Chookyblue.
So I will share with you other people's projects that I snapped at the retreat I attended in August. With apologies for having no idea of the quilters' names.
This cheerful yellow and grey quilt is being made by a new quilter - this is her first quilt.
I love the teals in this. This quilter is using a Craftsy pattern.
The magazine project went from this.... this. I love her warm, autumn colours.
The lady that sat next me (hi Chris!) was making a log cabin table runner with these gorgeous fabrics. Aren't they just the yummiest?

I'm off to the Perth Royal Show tomorrow with the DH. Amazingly he still likes my company! Even if I am a grumpy guts sometimes. I will even carry his Vegemite sandwich for morning tea. Life is good.
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

SSCS 2013 - It Begins Again

So I decided to really challenge myself and joined
This is my fifth year.

We stalk research our recipient so we can make something we 
think she will like. My recipient this year is an awesome quilter
with super skills. I'm a little intimidated. Hopefully my enthusiasm
will make up for any shortfall in the skills department.
Below is a summary of the main gifts received and sent away
in the previous swaps.

This delightful snowman came from Brigitte in 2009.

These waves went to Theresa in 2009.
(I can't find where I blogged it, if I did.)

This nativity came from Laura in 2010.
(I do love my nativities.)

This went to Floss in 2010.

These happy snowmen came from Cheryl in 2011.
This is as close to a snowman as I will get here in Perth.

These birds flew off to Linda in 2011.

This amazing bag came from Karol-Ann in 2012.
I get asked about it a lot.

This sweet angel went off to Michelle in 2012.

There were lots of other nice things sent and received.
I only showed you the main gifts.
Trawl the blog for more details if you are so inclined.
If you are making something for me I'm very happy
with whatever you want to make! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

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