Tuesday, May 30, 2017

HBF Run for a Reason

Keep that Run feeling going...
"The Finish Line isn’t the end to helping 199 health-related charities with a donation, big or small, every bit counts. Our charities are researching, educating and supporting people living with chronic illness and these funds help make a difference."
So me and my 36,000 closest friends had a great day on Sunday... ha ha. Got your attention. Seriously, there were a lot of happy people on Sunday. Serious athletes, friend groups, family groups. I saw some pretty awesome prams/strollers with cheerful babies.
My daughter Corbie walked with me as organised, and my husband tagged along as well. We walked a little faster than I normally do, which is slower than Corbie's normal walk and much faster than my husband's normal pace. I was just the tiniest bit puffed at the end, and it felt great. So my goal for next year is to beat this year's time.
Fundraising is just short of my goal and I really appreciate all the donations to Lifeline. It's hard for me to ask people to donate because I know finances are tight and I know most people have 'charity fatigue'. Lifeline is a charity worth putting yourself out there for.
I'm not sure how long this page will stay active so donate now. No one knows what the future holds. Maybe you will be calling Lifeline with your crisis some day. Let's hope someone answers. Click the green donate button. (You can use Paypal).
HBF Run for a Reason 2017

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