Thursday, June 13, 2013

President's Choice

Awarded "President's Choice"
'Bojagi for a Public Servant'
by Cherry Johnston
Cherry states "Inspired by Korean Bojagi (patchwork wrapping cloths). This quilt is made from discarded woollen garments worn by my family members over many years. Quilt designed by Cherry.
This quilt and the one below are the results of a workshop with
Lisa Walton of 'Dyed & Gone to Heaven'.

This quilt was made by Charmian Lees, a QuiltWest Committee member.
For display only.
This quilt was made by Rebecca Stewart-Bartell,
also a Committee member,
for her six year old daughter. For display only.

The "Membership" table was located just in front
of this sweet mermaid quilt.
Everyone who looked at it smiled, so I got lots of vicarious smiles!
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Diane-crewe said...

they are wonderful x

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