Friday, June 14, 2013

Caught My Eye

This quilt is made from the 'apple core' shape. Incredibly clever.
Quilt name: Blooming Azalea
Made by: Yvonne Skodt
"When holidaying in Tokyo we saw the last bit of the cherry blossoms, but we were so glad that we got to the beautiful vibrant coloured blooming azaleas everywhere."
Original design.
Quilt name: Blue Mountains
Made by: Elizabeth Lewis
"This is a charm quilt and contains 1050 different fabrics and has been hand quilted." An original design.
Quilt name: Flying North
Made by: Helen Perlman
"Made from Oakshott shot cottons. This quilt depicts fat geese flying upwards. This quilt is designed by Andy and featured on his blog Andy calls this 'Right Turn Only.'

I haven't tried strip tube piecing - but I do like the look of this.
Add that method to the list!
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Teresita said...

muy bonitos trabajos!!!!!

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