Monday, April 22, 2013

Albany Flowers

No sewing lately but I'm trying to blog more so
I dived in to the photos to see what I could show you.
We visited our friend Allison (no blog) on our flying visit
to Albany in January. These gorgeous flowers were in her garden.
These must be the original ladies that wore a purple dress
and a red hat! They so totally look like ladies too!


More amazing colours and shapes.
Just hanging around on her verandah. 
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Diane-crewe said...

beautiful colours xx

Maria said...

Oh what beautiful flowers Shari! I've never seen these sort of flowers before...the red and purple ones are magnificent!

Kathy Ferguson said...

I have really enjoyed reading
your blog, the photos are
great. Your guild looks wonderful.
I enjoyed reading about how you
came to live in Australia.

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