Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yellow HST and Christmas Ornament

My groups' HST swap continues with the colour for January being yellow, which also encompasses shades of gold, brown and orange. I've pulled these fabrics from my stash. Not too sure about some of them, but I will cut my charms and proceed. I'm sure it will all work out. Gotta love scrap quilts!

This is the ornament I made for my SSCS lady, Michelle. She adores gingerbread men. 
If you visit her she is currently doing a tour of all her amazing Christmas decorations. 

Here the gingerbread man is modelling next to a broken iPad.
Mr Fixit is putting on a new glass screen for DD #1.

I've got a turkey to get in to the oven, I think. Gotta check if it's thawed.
My days have been pretty tightly scheduled to fit it* all in.
Still, all good here.

* The day job. The housework. The shopping. The wrapping. The laundry. More day job. More housework. More shopping. Bout of gastro. More day job. More wrapping. More shopping. More laundry. And so on and so forth. Still, gotta' love Christmas! - and catching up with all the rellies is definitely worth it!
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cute ornament........have a wonderful Christmas........

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