Monday, December 10, 2012

Flower-filled meadows with dainty streams...

I have finished the little quilt I started at this retreat.
I won the fabrics in a give-away that I blogged about here.

It's nice to make something to keep.

To make the blocks I stacked the six pieces of fabric.
I then made five cuts through the layers at various slight angles.
This gave me six stacks of six fabrics.
I carefully shuffled the fabrics.
Stack one was left alone.
Stack two had the top piece moved to the bottom.
Stack three had the top two pieces moved to the bottom.
Stack four had the top three pieces moved to the bottom.
Stack five had the top four pieces moved to the bottom.
Stack six had the top five pieces moved to the bottom.
The blocks were then re-sewn and carefully pressed.
I took my stack of six new blocks and turned it 90 degrees.
I then re-did the steps above.
After they were sewn and carefully pressed,
the blocks were trimmed to the largest block possible.
I played with the layout until I was happy.
Added the white border and found the striped binding in my stash.
I used wavy quilting using my walking foot.

This quilt makes me think of soft green meadows full of flowers
with dainty streams flowing through.
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Nanette Merrill said...

Nice job. I've had trouble with these shuffling stacking things myself.

Simone de Klerk said...

I'll have to remember this one, Shari! Did read it twice already, but before I start I will have to read it at least twice again.
Love the quilt!

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