Monday, August 20, 2012

The Last Holiday Post

Our young friend had a birthday the day before we got home.
The young man in the middle turned 8.
We knew we were getting closer to home when we got to Widgiemooltha.
They had great coffee (very important with all that driving).
Not far to go now. The grass was greener as we neared 'civilisation'.
In total we travelled 6,657 kms.
We had a great adventure and would love to do it all again sometime -
but next time with warmer nights!
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Anonymous said...

lol Shaun is getting into mischief again,funny sheep,thankyou so much for taking me on your journey i have enjoyed it very much Shari.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

i've enjoyed your trip..........but if the nights are warmer doesn't that mean the days will be warmer.......might it get too hot........

Anthea said...

Shari, I have loved seeing all your pics from the trip. I must tell you, when we were kids we thought that Widgiemooltha was a made up name for somewhere in the depths of poorest Africa or some such - until our parents took us there once, driving on our way to visit relatives in Kalgoorlie... LOL. They have all been lovely pics & I hope you have time to sit & look at them from time to time, thanks for sharing them ♥

Stephanie said...

I love seeing your part of the world. Love the Australian names of towns and things. Thank you for sharing.

Allie said...

Widgiemooltha? Seriously? I love it! It's just so fun to say, lol. Glad you had a good holiday, and really glad you took us along - loved the pics! Happy Birthday to your young friend!

Sue said...

Yep I guess when you've been to Widgiemooltha you've been everywhere. I loved your holiday shots Shari

Floss said...

Thats for sharing you pic, some of this country I have travelled, but some I had not. I enjoyed seeing both.

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