Friday, March 23, 2012

Bunbury International Quilt Challenge Part 8

'Boogie Wonderland' by Racquel Chester
'Winter Christmas Forest Wonder' by Lorraine Parson
'Il Mio Paese delle Meraviglie' by Sue Sacchero
'Australia My Wonderland' by Caroline Miller
'Dreaming of Romance' by Candice Walker
'Underland' by Alyce Cousens
'Alice in Wonderland' by Rita Rush
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Stephanie said...

They're all wonderful and I shouldn't play favorites but I love the teapot hot air balloon.

Allie said...

What IS it about Australia, the talent and imagination - I'm so loving all these quilts! I think Dreaming of Romance is my favorite....I think...

Anonymous said...

thankyou again for a wonderful tour of quilts Shari,i really like the dancing one.xx

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