Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bunbury International Quilt Challenge - Part 3

'Wonderland in Cappadocia' by Fran Schifferli
'Cape Wonderland' by Jenny Hermans
'Seventh Wonder' by Glenda Weidman
'Flinders Ranges Wildflower Wonderland' by Julie Ward
'Wonderland Fishing Village' by Sandra English
'World of Wonder' by Annette Burston
'Cross Pollination or is it Hybridization' by Margie Garrett
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Allie said...

I am so in awe of these quilts - thanks so much for putting the pics up with the names and titles, loving them!

Floss said...

These quilts are wonderful. I love the flinders reange one and the ones with the fishes.

Sue said...

So much imagination, I'm in awe of the ways the challenge fabric was used.

Anonymous said...

whow amazing quilts.xx

Julia said...

Amazing quilts Shari,,,there are some very creative quilters out there.
Julia ♥

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