Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Albany WA Holiday

One of the highlights of our trip this year was seeing the Endeavour sail through Ataturk Channel and in to Princess Royal Harbour. The Endeavour is an exact replica of Captain Cook's ship when he first sailed to Australia around 1770.

We also made a visit to the Albany Wind Farm. These windmills are certainly impressive. The town of Albany is nestled on the shore of the harbour. You can see it in the distance in the upper right photo.

We also walked to the Point King Lighthouse. This is a solid structure with massively thick walls. The original wooden lintels are still in place. Lighthouse keepers and their families lived here, some had up to eight children! Imagine this tiny four room cottage on the edge of the sea with babies running around. The lighthouse tower is now gone, to be replaced by an electronic beacon further up the hill. But it is not entirely empty. Did you see the black lizard? These little beauties are found everywhere and love sunning themselves on the footpath. They quietly slip away when you walk by, only to return shortly.

On one of our days we slipped across to Bremer Bay on the south coast. This is a quiet fishing and recreation village. We went specifically to visit the Wellstead Museum. Only a little taste of what's to be found there.

So another holiday under our belt and a new year begun. Back in to the work routine and now to devote my attention to my various commitments, quilty and otherwise. I hope to be able to catch up with some of your news soon. Thanks for visiting! And if you've made it this far, I'm quietly going to have a small giveaway for comments on this post only. Shhh. Only for us. Giveaway closed.

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SandyN said...

Sshhh I won't tell anyone... Thanks


Barb said...

You sure do alot of fun things, enjoyed your pictures and tour.

em's scrapbag said...

Looks like a fun trip! Love the old sewing machines! My boys would love the motorcycles!

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