Friday, June 24, 2011

My Grandmother's Doll Quilt

My grandmother made this little doll quilt later in her life. It was occupational therapy while recovering from something or other (living in Oz the details were sketchy as they didn't want to worry me or something like that. Very frustrating.) These fabrics are not cotton. Think polyester.

These prints scream sixties and seventies to me.

The herringbone stitch is a nice touch.

A rogue woven fabric - a coat? skirt? vest?

My grandmother loved her polyester suits. But I'm sure she didn't have this many. I believe the fabrics were shared amongst the group in recovery.

Nothing like a good op-shop to find this stuff.

Incredibly, my family sent me a bag of polyester scraps and a huge polyester flimsy... which I've blogged about before but haven't done anything with yet... it's mind boggling and will probably be cut into small quilts. That one didn't have any hand stitching like this little beauty.

I'm sure my grandmother had a green poly suit...

What's hiding in your cupboard?

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Mary said...

OMG! Those fabrics looks so familiar!
I loved my little polyester double knit mini skirts!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh gosh that is so special! My mom used a lot of that type of fabric. How special for you to now have the quilt!

Debbie said...

Thank you for sharing the little quilt. I made a twin sized quilt to take to college. It was made from double knit fabric. After 36 years it is still in use and aged well.

Messy Karen said...

oh my. i actually have some double knit stuff i saved from the 60's. thank you for sharing.

Julia said...

OMG, Shari, that's fabulous...
I think I had some poly fabrics back in them old days!...I do remember a purple and hot pink number...that stuff never wears out!
Julia ♥

Stephanie said...

What a little treasure. Handwork from grandma and beautiful stitches. Of course I noticed he many polka dots. I think polyester is meant to last forever!

em's scrapbag said...

What a pricelss treasure. Wonderful fabrics and I love the herringbone stitch!

Simone de Klerk said...

This is so special, Shari! How difficult it must be to live so far away from your family.
Your grandmother's stitches for joining the blocks are beautiful.

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