Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Away

Part One: Busselton WA

This is the historic jetty which has been restored. It is more than 1.8km long. They have a train that will take you to the end of the jetty and back. At the end of the jetty is an amazing underwater observatory. We visited a few years ago so did not go down on this short trip. We did walk to the end of the jetty and back though. Wonderful as long as you don't mind dodging the fisherpeople (women were well represented). You can read more about the jetty and the underwater observatory here.

Another thing we did was walk along the beach between our caravan park and the jetty. About 5.2km. My DH got so far ahead of me because I had to stop for seashells (of course).

Along the way we passed this abandoned sandcastle, not yet swept away by the sea.

Part Two: Bunbury WA
The Bunbury Patchwork Group hosted their annual International Quilt Challenge quilts along with their annual group show and another challenge involving Kaffe Fasset fabrics. Sadly many of my photos did not turn out as I had a setting wrong on the camera. Anyway, a little taste. The quilt above and the ones below are all part of the Kaffe Fasset challenge which was organised by The Blue Box in Busselton.

This quilt was from the International Quilt Challenge. The theme was "Movies" and the challenge fabric was the pink and black of the babushka dolls. This was the only photo of these interesting quilts that came out! Ugh!
These photos are from the quilts for the Bunbury Patchwork Group. A few close-ups turned out.
This quilt was one of three that were found at the local op shop in the 'dog blanket' box. This one totally fascinated me. The fabrics are all over the place with all sorts of man-made fibres. It starts with the central star and fans out. Each 'tie-shaped' piece is turned under and hand appliqued down. There is a rough pattern to it with the placement of the fabrics. There is a thin wadding and a backing. It's just so scrappy and free-form. Maybe a baby blanket originally? No one knows.
Hope you have mini-vacations on your weekends - at least occasionally!


Sue said...

Such inspiration, It's so nice to go exploring. Thanks for sharing your weekend.

Chookyblue...... said...

what gorgeous spot to visit..........
thanks for sharing the quiltshow pics..........

Stephanie said...

Warming blue skies and beaches. So pretty. Wow what an amazing show of quilts. Thank you for sharing.

Barb said...

I so loved your post today, you had nature eye candy as well as quilt candy...loved them both.

Julia said...

Great post Shari..
Love Busselton..wonderful memories there.
great quilt show...love the second one...great use fo small pieces of fabric..very inspiring...

Rumi said...

Until I moved to Ohio, I had always lived on a coast. I so miss going to the beach and smelling the salty sea air!

So many talented quilters! I'm glad you were able to salvage some photos from your camera.

Simone de Klerk said...

It looks like you had a perfect short vacation! Love the restored jetty! Those buildings are socharacteristic!
Thank you for sharing those beautiful quilts.

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