Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lovely Old Treasures

So what can one do while recovering from surgery when books and tv are not really interesting? I re-discovered some items that were sent to me after my mother's death in 2000. At the time I thought they were old fashioned and not that interesting. Now I am a lot older and a little wiser I am looking at them with fresh eyes.

This first group date from around 1987 to 1992. It appears from the address labels that both my grandmother and my mother subscribed.

How's this for all you apron lovers? Is the ruffle big enough for you? On the other page there are quilt blocks made with strips of ribbon instead of fabric (made by Jean Wells).

And Pepper Cory's designs are as fresh today as they were then. Perfect for stash busting!

How's this for all you Halloween lovers?

And don't forget the height of fashion! Actually I wouldn't mind a wearable quilt. Will have to think about that one.

Classic Amish designs.


This was a few pages in a plastic bag.


Then there were these...

And these...

And this looks interesting.


And this little project is very timely...

I'm not sure which book these are meant to go with. Will have to look through my library and find my mother's books.

All of the above I can date to around 1982 to 1992. There is no date on the book below, but once again full of classic designs.

This one looks interesting.

As does this one.

How wonderful to get fresh inspiration (and perspective) from these lovely old treasures.
I'm off to have a cup of Mocha coffee (don't you just love Nestle sachets?) and a good look through. Hopefully after a little rest I can actually play with some fabric for a little while.
Merry Christmas!!



Anonymous said...

What a treasure! I love the different styles from years gone by. Keep sharing all the wonderful ideas you find from searching through these.

Julia said...

Wow Shari!..
what a wonderful selection of old quilting and craft books.
Nice to see that some things never date, even quilting...have fun looking through your books.
Don't get carried away and overdo it now!..
Hugs julia

LydaBabes Going Ons!!!! said...

Seeing your treasure sure brought a lot of memories back for me. I did alot of the hoop hangings. And the books I had. In the 90s I got rid of everything. Now I wish I had some of them back.....I still have a few. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.....that was fun....neat blog.....Lyda

Pepper Cory said...

Hi Shari and greetings from coastal North Carolina! I subscribe to Google's alert where if my name comes up on the Web then bing! I get to go read it. I got a warm fuzzy feeling seeing that old copy of the little quilting magazine and remembering the article. The quilt in the middle, Eclipse, is probably my most copied quilt to this day and it's a good sleeper, as in, i have good dreams when it's on the bed-no kidding. Take care and happy quilting-Pepper

em's scrapbag said...

What a fun post. Hope you are recovering quickly. I know how boring it can get. I find chick flicks and old musicals are fun. Eye candy like you posted today is also a favorite. Get well soon. Em

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