Monday, October 27, 2008

Why Mumsyblossom?

This is a good question. I have three wonderful daughters. As happens from time to time, the first name that pops out when I am speaking to them is not the correct one. So a series of little names was used i.e. petal, blossom, chickie, flower petal, possum etc. My fabulous second daughter, Corbie, coined the phrase mumsyblossom. And since I am the best and coolest mum in the whole world, I accepted the name with grace and humour. Actually, I looked up "mumsy" in the Oxford dictionary only recently and it's not a very flattering description, but it does fit me enough. From left to right is Jessica (22), Hannah (15) and Corbie (19).

The weekend activities went ok and with lots of busy-ness. The tree came down *sigh*, the bedroom got cleared out, laundry got done, vacuuming etc. Alas, no time for sewing . Sunday was church, then we had visitors for lunch, and then a family BBQ with all the relies at the in-laws. (Relies = relatives).

Today I will spend some time sorting out my sewing room as everything random has been tossed in there and it's a huge job but at least I can make a start. At 12 I will go to work until about 8 tonight. I work as a medical receptionist/secretary. It's a small practice so I do all tasks and I must say I love the work. I've been there for 14 years now.

Here is a picture of a small quilt that I made to practise my machine botton-hole stitch. I call it "Take a Bite Out of Life".




Lurline's Place said...

Nice little apple quilt!
Hugs - Lurline!

Julia said...

You have been busy Shari...
Love the little quilt..good one to practice on.
Hugs Julia

Mel said...

Your family sounds fun!

My mom used to call my sister and I Melarianne, a combo of Melissa and Marianne. Instead of being a cute, fun name like Mumsblossom, ours sound like a disease that you get by drinking bad water!

Oh, by the by, you've been BOO-ed!

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