Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Architecture as Inspiration

I love looking at buildings and seeing how they might inspire me.
I see quilts everywhere.
Below is the Fiona Stanley Hospital.
The next few photos are from Fremantle.
Some of these old buildings house the
University of Notre Dame.
Can you make out the sign on the old pub below?
Where I work is a renovated old house.
These are the tiles found below the old stove when it was removed.
Very intriguing.
How about this frangipani tree?
If you break off a branch and plonk it in the ground it will grow.
I'm fascinated by cityscapes. This is from some t.v. show of
New York City. I love the light, the colours and the visual textures.
There is so a quilt here...
A bad shot of some beautiful Norfolk pines in a
suburban neighbourhood. These were planted all along the
coastline of Australia by early explorers as "spare parts" for
later expeditions. The long straight trunk makes an excellent mast.

What inspires you?
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