Sunday, November 11, 2012

Michelle at the Quilting Gallery is hosting a block and/or quilt drive for people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Although there's not much I can do to help from Australia, I can contribute a quilt block or two. The blocks will be wonky log cabin and posting them to the US won't break the budget. 
Here is a sample of the requested block. 
A tutorial is supplied.

Here is how the blocks will be made up.

It's such a modest contribution - but combined with others it can become like a river of love to people who need it right now. It's more than a blanket for warmth - it lets them know the world out there really cares about them and what happens to them.


Julia said...

I've signed up to make a few too Shari.....we're way to far away to help much in any other way, so it's the least we can do for our friends in the states..
Julia ♥

Anonymous said...

what a lovely thing to do Shari.xx

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