Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rainbow Block Swap

So this new blogger is not going to let me do a lot of things I suspect. Need to figure it out eventually. Anyway, here are the blue blocks I received in September's block swap. Certainly an interesting mix. Definitely a couple that lean way towards green and even a couple of cream. No matter. It is a scrap quilt after all.

Here are two examples of the idea behind the swap made by another group in our guild. 
They really enjoyed it. Their quilts are so cheerful and they really like that they've shared fabrics.
October is RED. Yum. So here is my selection of charm squares. Some of my lights lean way towards pink and the reds range from bright to red-orange to deep burgundy. I'm going to work on these for a little while as I take a break from Secret Christmas Business (only a short break - Christmas is closer than you think). 
We have a wonderful 30C+ day today. I'm actually in a short sleeve top and skirt. Yeah! But when the sun drops, will back in to the cool weather clothing. It will be a while before the heat comes and stays. In the meantime, we will enjoy these beautiful spring days. I hope your local climate is amenable to your activities.
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Mary said...

My favorite type of quilt......Scraps and Half-Square Triangles!! Beautiful!

Anthea said...

Hi Shari, those quilts look great... interesting colour perception by some of the block makers... good luck with your reds x

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love the blue and I bet it's going to work beautifully in your scrap quilt! blessings, marlene

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