Friday, February 24, 2012


There's not much sewing at the moment.
This is the state of my sewing room.
I think a tidy-up is in order.
To procrastinate, I've been de-constructing an old wool jacket that hung in my father-in-law's closet for so many years the moths had a really good meal. The interesting metal silver buttons are off the jacket. The look like stainless steel.
The is the tailor's label. The little paper tag next to it I found actually adhered to the wool inside the lining. I'm sure for those who know such things it would tell them when and where the jacket was made.

And although it's clearly obvious in the above photo I do not need any more fabric, I couldn't resist this little morsel that came home with me from guild on Tuesday.

Yummy rainbow snakes. On a purple background.
With gold highlights.
I'm just a kid at heart.
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Simone de Klerk said...

Oh dear, the sewing room looks familiar! I can see the pretty items you show lying on your table! Fun!

Allie said...

How'd you get a picture of my sewing room? LOL! Good for you on saving the buttons off your fil's jacket. Hand tailored - boy those are hard to find anymore. Love that fabric - I'm just a kid at heart too, it's always a shock to look in the mirror!

Sheri Howard said...

Are you doing something fun with the buttons and label? I have to just say your virtual cat always makes me smile!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol,looks very much like my sewing room Shari.xx

Julia said...

That label is a very well known good brand from way back in the 40's...originally from London.Shari.
Here's a link from google
Julia ♥

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Love the colors in that fabric. Great piece.

As Allie'd you get a picture of my sewing area? It has the same disheveled look about it.

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