Wednesday, July 6, 2011

When you're home sick...

I'm in the hacking/choking cough phase of my cold and it is impossible to be effective at work so here I am at home drinking hot tea with lemon and trying every cough syrup known to man. Alas, time will be the best remedy. All is not lost however, as I can still operate my sewing machine between coughing fits.

Our dear friend Lurline started making a quilt with this pattern using Liberty fabrics. Her life is turned a little upside down at the moment, and she has graciously consented to allow a few of her friends to work on the quilt for her.

Our dear friend Robin pre-cut the strips and supplied us with block kits.

For the centre pinwheels, Robin prepared the half-square triangles (hst) by placing right sides together with this gridded paper and then sewing on the dashed lines. I will cut on the solid lines, remove the paper gently and voila! perfect hst's!

The top left block is one Lurline made and was supplied to us as a 'sample'. Our strips included two over-sized strips for the outer edge to allow for trimming as that mysterious quarter-inch seam can be elusive when shared in a group.

So while I am coughing and spluttering and feeling sorry for myself, my dear Mr Fixit is busy detailing (i.e. painting) our kitchen/dining/family area (still). It's a long job when perfection is demanded. If he were a quilter, any quilt he made would be a masterpiece.

And I discovered this little chore to do in the laundry.

One of my favourite and oh-so-necessary-in-this-weather turtlenecks.

I think I'll go and have a little nap. Coughing is too much hard work!

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Robyn G. said...

Oh Shari, so sorry you're unwell... there's nothing worse than feeling miserable with an endless cough.
Oh your DH would make a fabulous quilter... indeed!
..and what a nice thing you are all doing for dear Lurline... good on you all.

Take care and wishing you good health very soon xx

Barb said...

I so hope you get better and glad you can sew inbetween fits....

Helen said...

Hope you feel well soon Shari!

Allie said...

Oh you poor thing - I hope you feel better soon, sweetie! Lots and lots of rest, as much as you can. And keep pouring on the liquids.
Beautiful color going on...your dh WOULD make a wonderful quilter. Love those tiles!

What a wonderful thing you all are doing for Lurline. The blocks look just lovely. I hope you get your turtleneck repaired quickly! And I hope you feel better quickly too!

Laura said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Simone de Klerk said...

Such pretty pinwheel blocks! Love the fabrics you used.
The kitchen wall looks very interesting! Could make a quilt.

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