Friday, December 17, 2010

Sneak Peek

The imp in me says I must show a tiny sneak peek of my
Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap.
Hopefully Santa won't put me on the naughty list.
Sadly no sewing getting done.
Been shifting my elderly in-laws out of their home and in to a retirement village. Only those who have done this know what I've been through. I was in charge somehow. I'm a little traumatised, but we are still on speaking terms... and they are comfortable and happy in their new home. Just don't know what they are going to do with all the stuff they refused to let go of. Lots and lots of boxes in their garage. Lots of boxes in the spare room. Lots of stuff in the cupboards. Had a fight with Dad about throwing out aspirin that expired in 1991. You get the idea.
I can hardly wait until I'm 82 and can drive my kids crazy.
Edit: Sounds like I'm whinging a bit. You have to know that I was glad to be able to help these wonderful substitute parents (a.k.a. the in-laws) - even if it was overwhelming...


Stephanie said...

Something is very very pretty! I can sort of understand about not wanting to get rid of things as our parents's like holding onto the past. However I don't get the expired meds! You've earned your wings.

Jackie said...

Hmmm... the sneak peek is intriguing. Totally understand the in-law thing. But have no fear. I am sure that this too shall pass and hopefully sooner than later things will be back to normal. I agree with Stephanie, you have earned your wings.

Barb said...

I do love what you are working on....kind of a relief from what is going on with your in laws.... I am so sorry you have to do this...hang in there and be strong.

Allie said...

Whatever it is, it's gorgeous! I haven't been through this yet Shari, but I can well imagine, I have friends who mom is storing up stuff to drive me crazy when she goes, she said so. She's a true packrat - she found some elementary school papers that belonged to my dad. Along with all of mine. And she wouldn't throw them away. I'm glad your in-laws are happy where they are, that's wonderful. As they get more and more to feel at home, hopefully they'll forget all the "stuff". Saying some prayers for you!

Julia said...

OMG Shari...I had to do it for my Mum.
to think that could be us in a few years time...moving that is...All the stuff DH horder has saved, "just in case we'll need it"...everything even his very first driving license.

Maree: said...

I work in Aged Care..oh Yes I Know how YOU are Feeling..see it everyday..
It will get Better ..take my advice..start giving Stuff to Charity..Once they realize they don't need it it will be Gone.Unfortunatley you have to be Sneaky about it otherwise it's World War 3...and it's Usually Us Nurses that have to keep Explaining why!!!'s part of our Job.
Breathe Shari.
Take some Time Out.

Chookyblue...... said...

lol.........a sneak peek.........if your recipient can work that out from the pic goodluck...........I know what you made and this is definitely we will leave you on the "nice" list.......
goodluck with the inlaws.......your doing well to still be talking .........massive job and so hard.......

julieQ said...

Funny that you had to be in charge, but I was too in that situation...many hugs and prayers, isn't it funny how many people can't let go of old stuff...including myself!

Floss said...

OK this isn't giving it away at all, I have no idea.

I helped move my grandmother a few years ago (over 20), so I can understand. I know for myself it can be hard to let go off stuff.

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