Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Potholder Progress

I decided to sew the binding to the back of the potholder and then turn it to the front and machine stitch. I've heard of this but have not tried it. I had to keep telling myself that finished is better than perfect.
Here it is all sewn on ready for turning. I pinned it well and did opposite sides.

I sewed close to the edge.
This is how the corner looks from the back.
And the corner from the front.
Here is the finished potholder. One side has a little flaw and it won't sit flat.
While putting on the binding this way makes it a little rough around the edges, it was super quick and this is not an heirloom but meant to be used and thrown in the washing machine with the kitchen towels. I think with a little practice I can neaten up some of the stitching and pin a bit better. I have three other potholders ready for the binding so when time permits I will use this method and see how I go. I used one layer of insulbrite which is meant to be ok, but if you make an oven mitt the package says to also use a layer of cotton batting in addition to the insulbrite. Have any of you used insulbrite before? It's a batting with a layer of mylar in the middle.
Edit: Of course I've just checked their website and they recommend a layer of cotton batting for potholders as well. Oh well, a few of mine will only have the insulbrite. Guess I'll be keeping those ones for me... lol.


Allie said...

Gorgeous! I've only done the binding like that once, but I'd like to try again and see if I improve with practice. For something that's going to get that much use, it really seems like the best way.

I love insul-brite - good stuff! I didn't know you were supposed to add a layer of cotton batting too, yikes.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Turned out great. I have also used insul-brite and did add the extra layer, hard to get the binding on as it was thicker!

Stephanie said...

Handmade does not mean perfect. I got past that years ago. I also love utilitarian--why let it sit in a drawer? I think your potholders are wonderful and fun. I've only done the machine binding once, long ago. I have used insulbrit and have paired it with cotton batting. When I do my potholders, due to the thickness, I layer them, stitch around the edge, and turn them inside out then stitch around the edge again. Sorry this got wordy.

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