Monday, August 2, 2010

Early Quilts (1)

I made this quilt in 2004 and donated it to the primary school for fundraising. It didn't raise as much money as I thought it should but it went to a little boy who I hoped loved it... the pattern is from a magazine. (Quilter's Companion No. 7) (The designer is Maureen Rayner)
This quilt was made by my daughter's year 4 class in 2002 to celebrate the Year of the Outback. The children traced the kangaroo shapes on to vleisofix, mums helped cut out and fuse to the background, and the kids then went around the edge of each shape with fabric glue (with glitter as I recall). It was quilted by a local machine quilter who donated her time to the project. (Quilts by KayCee, WA) The quilt now hangs in the administration building.
A little detail...

I think the teacher went on to do other class quilts in different years with other techniques, but I was not involved.
Just a reminder that these are not digital photos but scanned in to the computer from prints.


Barb said...

What a lovely quilt....both of them.

Allie said...

What darling quilts! I'm sure that little boys LOVED his quilt!

Julia said...

Lovely quilts Shari,
I'm sure the little boy loves the quilt..
Julia ♥

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