Friday, June 10, 2011

QW11 No. 14

Members of our Association donate literally hundreds of quilts each year. They are distributed to the children's hospital, neo-natal units, cancer wards, cardiac wards, hospices, refuges, foster care, the Flying Doctor, and probably other places I don't know about.

Our Sit-n-Sew volunteers work on these quilts during the exhibition to show members of the public (a.k.a. civilians) the quilting process. The bags were made be volunteers at a local quilt shop and they will go to foster kids.

This is where members of the committee greet the public and answer any questions. We also sell our catalogue and commemorative badges. It's a good place to sit for a few minutes and have a breather and maybe even get a stitch in or two.

Centre aisle

The ladies on the left are members of the sub-group for crazy patchwork and hexagon lovers.

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Simone de Klerk said...

I am always so touched by the beautiful handmade items to donate. It will bring a smile on many people's faces.
Have a lovely weekend!

Barb said...

You are so awesome to share all of this fun quilty stuff with us...thanks!

Sue said...

It so good to see all these photos. I even feel like I haven't missed out this year. Thanks Shari.

Allie said...

How awesome that you donate so much - that is amazing! Looks like a great space for a quilt show!

Stephanie said...

Making the world a warmer and cozier place one quilt at a time. Wonderful job ladies.

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