Monday, June 20, 2011

QW 11 - Last One

Our intrepid leader, Sheila Pye.

Take-down is officially a construction site so we are all supposed to wear our vests.

The quilts are dropped and bagged as quickly as possible.

Deconstructing the stands begins immediately.

All the bits are counted in to the storage bags.

It takes ages to fold all those calico back drops. They have to be folded a certain way so we can fit ten in the plastic crates.

All of this is counted so it's ready for the next outing.

The quilts are folded carefully.

The quilts are laid in numerical order ready for collection.

The quilt owners present their numbered ticket to collect their quilts and sign them out of our custody.

It takes two long days to erect the stands, hang the quilts, and prepare the displays for the exhibition. (Not to mention the two and a half days prior for processing, judging and photography etc.). Take down takes only two hours (or less).

That's it for another year. I'm off the committee now. I've happily served for six years, but if I stayed any longer, it wouldn't be happy any more. Time to share the glory with someone else stepping forward. I look forward to enjoying the exhibition next year as a "civilian".

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Allie said...

What a huge amount of work, but look at all the happy hands to help! Six years is a good commitment, Shari, I think you'll enjoy just viewing next year. I want to thank you for all the great pics and for taking us all along to the show!!

Simone de Klerk said...

And that was it...
I can't believe how fast you were able to take everything down.

Sue said...

Well crongratz on finishing your 6 years. I love the pics of the stands being packed. Our guild bought the old stands from QW and we need lessons from your people on setting and packing

Elaine Adair said...

Looks similar to how we do ours, but we also have a scaffold on wheels (young man on the high scaffold) to hang the quilts high enough. It's always interesting to see different methods. Oor big problem is that the show is in July and we MUST use the NON-Air-Conditioned church gym for the show. Lots of the older gals cannot handle the heat, and most of us are "Older gals". 8-)

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