Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Fence

Here is a quick shot of my new fence on the left. The back fence is still holding but when it goes we will use the same fencing. Now we no longer have to shower in the dark. Even with frosted glass, we are a little shy - lol. There's a lot to be said for privacy.

Off to the dentist for my annual check up. Hope you have a great day!!


Barb said...

Your new fence looks wonderful...I bet it feels good!

Allie said...

It looks wonderful!! I love your patio - what a beautiful space. Hope everything goes well at the dentist!

Sheri Howard said...

What a very nice looking fence!

Sue said...

Nice fence but fabulous GREEN lawn, I'm envious.

Messy Karen said...

nice fence. and very handy men.

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