Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day

In honour of Australia Day and in the interests of stash-busting, I am giving away this fat quarter of fireworks fabric. Anyone who leaves a comment on this post or the previous one will be entered. I'll draw it Friday or Saturday as my schedule permits.


Judy said...

Love the colors!

JUSTINE said...

My friend just moved to Australia. If I win it, you can send it directly to her to celebrate her 1st Australia Day.

Chocolate Cat said...

What amazing fabric, I haven't seen anything like it before. Happy Australia Day!

SandyN said...

Wow LOVE the fabric.... it is so much fun.


Julia said...

Happy Australia Day Shari..have a good one..
Leave me out of the draw Shari, I'd love one of your overseas readers to win's gorgeous!

Allie said...

That is gorgeous Shari!! Happy Australia Day, I hope you're having a wonderful day!

Kathie said...

love that fabric its so happy!
thanks for the opportunity to win it
Happy Australia Day

Barb said...

What beautiful fireworks below and beautiful fabric!!!

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