Monday, May 31, 2010

QuiltWest Quilts

121: "One Trunk, Many Leaves" Di Mansfield. Read about Di and how she made this quilt in "Down Under Quilts". Try the link here.

145: "My Garden Window" Leeanne Owens
124: "And the Grass Grows Green Again" Stephanie Knudsen
123: "Sunbaked" Cheryl Botha(detail)92: "Colours of the Tropics" Yvonne Chapman(detail)(detail)91: "Tropical Heat Wave" Stephanie Knudsen68: "Across the Rubicon" Cheryl Botha
Some of these quilts have a more contemporary feel...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

QuiltWest Quilts

140: "Ningaloo Sunset" Sandra Pickering
135: "Baltimore" Margaret Sitko
150: "Unchained Melody" Elizabeth Lewis
129: "Country Baltimore" Robyn MacDonald100: "In the Night Garden" Rebecca Stewart-Bartell57: "Wild Things" Robin Gartner58: "William Morris and Friends" Helen Rhodes49: "Cleaning Out the Cupboard" Julie McAllister23: "Friendship" Robynne Vallence24: "Inspired by Jane" Julia Camilleri
The quilts I selected here seem to have a traditional flavour. We'll see what's next...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

QuiltWest Quilts

My photos are pretty ordinary and I'm really not interested in another expensive hobby. My biggest worry is getting things in focus and trying to determine if I need to use a flash. With quilts at an exhibition, the interior lighting is usually shocking and it washes out the colour. So a flash will bring out the colour and might wash it out a little too much. However, a flash takes out the shadows that highlights the quilting. Here are three examples.
Quilt Number 161: "Friendship Nine Patch Chain" owned by Shelagh Fitzpatrick. A group quilt for Shlagh's 60th birthday. (with flash)
(without flash)
Quilt Number 93: "Pacific Postcards" by Jan Rowe. (with flash)(without flash)
Quilt Number 60: "Coxcomb and Currents Revisited" by Sheila Pye. (with flash)
(without flash)
Some of the photos in the coming posts will be with flash and some without. Of course it's simply not possible to show every quilt - I certainly couldn't photograph them all. However, it will give an overview of the flavour of the show.

Stash Manicure

Check out this new blog. Looks really interesting in a stash-busting way. Oh, and they have a giveaway. Go find it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

QuiltWest 2010 Overview

This is our wonderful exhibition committee (includes some wonderful volunteers as well). This is the only time we were all in one place. You will never see such a group of smart, funny, hard-working ladies as these. And very talented quilters too!

A quick lesson in assembling the metal quilt stands.

Everything is laid out and it's all systems go.

Now how did this go?

Before you know it it's time for the opening ceremony. We used a powerpoint presentation to show which quilt won which prize. The quilt displayed there is one started by one of our members (now deceased) and finished by another member and then presented to the Breast Cancer Association.

This amazing quilt was awarded Best Of Show. The threadwork is just incredible. Jocelyn Leath is a leading international quilt artist and lives here in Perth. Before you know it, it's time to pack up and go home. The quilt stands are dropped and taken apart.The quilts are put in their bags and ready to be picked up by their owners.
It's all hands on deck and before long everything is folded and counted and packed away ready to go back to the storage unit.
Monday came and I felt like I was run over by a truck, but am mostly recovered for now. I do have a few more photos of quilts to show but that will come next time. Overall the exhibition was considered a great success.
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

QuiltWest 2010

It's that time of year again. The Western Australian Quilter's Association's annual exhibition of members' quilts, QuiltWest, begins next week (19-23 May) and is held in conjunction with the Perth Craft and Quilt Fair at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre. It's all systems go for the very busy committee and I can safely say all is going along as expected (so far)...

Above is this year's limited edition commemorative badge. Each year a design element is pulled from the raffle quilt and a badge is born.

Below are memories of QuiltWest Past.
This is my fifth year serving on the exhibition committee and I have loved every minute. However this is my last year on the committee. It is time to let someone else shine.
If you are fortunate enough to attend the exhibition and want to say hi in person, just ask for Shari at the QuiltWest hostess desk - I won't be far away...

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