Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swanleigh Retreat Part 3

Blogger has been interesting today. Slow and unpredictable. Anyway, here are a few photos that my friend Marilyn sent me. First up are photos of things people were working on.

We did show and tell in our jammies. Sewing in the library was neat and the lighting was fantastic. Here's a look at how we were set up.

That's me on the left in the purple cardigan with the red scarf. It was a wee bit nippy but oh so much fun!
I'm still working on binding a quilt. And my niece Louise (no blog) needs my help for a couple of quick blankets for her boys (ages 1 and 2). And of course there's work and family stuff and housework and laundry and a teddy bear that should get a few stitches. Not to mention working on my SSCS. I'm really having fun with that... too bad I can't show you until after Christmas!!!
Hope your days are filled with laughter and love and a little sewing...


Simone de Klerk said...

This looks so nice, being in the library with so much light. Some lovely projects have been worked on!

julieQ said...

HI Shari! I am so glad you have a light and fun filled sewing day! Looks like the perfect location...that pink quilt is so pretty.

Rumi said...

Looks like so much fun! I have never been to a quilt retreat, must remedy that!

Loved the quilt tops. Gave me some ideas for a quilt I want to make in the new year.

Barb said...

What fun, I enjoyed seeing all of the projects!

Allie said...

Gorgeous projects - but oh my those hexagons! That looks ambitious! Glad you had a good time, and hope you find time to sew something you just WANT to!

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