Thursday, October 21, 2010

Quilts for the Great-Nephews

My little nephews are great, but they are also my great-nephews. But I couldn't really say I have great, great-nephews, could I? So their mum, my niece-in-law, brought around a de-constructed child's flip-out couch cover and some old curtains. Two evening's work and hey-presto! Two sandwiches ready to quilt...

They really are rough and ready... perfect for hard use by two little boys (ages 1 and 2 ish). I'm going to do some simple, straight-line quilting. Here is the cute backing fabric, cheap from Textile Traders. Hope you are getting some sewing time!

PS Isn't it great that we have a new quilter in the family!


Allie said...

Those are great! I've heard of the Wiggles but have never seen them. I'm sure the boys will love them, and yes it's fabulous to have a new quilter in the family!

Barb said...

Just wonderful!!!

Julia said...

They will be great Shari.. I'm sure the boys will love them,
Julia ♥

em's scrapbag said...

They're wonderful and sure to be loved!

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