Thursday, July 22, 2010

Handbag Detritus

Detritus can be defined as accumulated material.

This was what was in the bottom of my handbag last week.

Bits of a stapler, coil from a pen, a hairclip,

odd buttons and beads salvaged from the ground.
And the cause of the clean-up, the weighty coins.
Anything unusual in your handbags?


Anonymous said...

Thats funny, yes coins weigh a lot


Allie said...

The coins are SO heavy - that's when I clean mine out too.
I always carry a deck of cards, and a retractable tape measure. And a flower pen.

Rumi said...

Ha! That could have been the contents of MY bag! I have the habit of just throwing change in my purse instead of putting it away in my coin purse.

nima said...

yeah...coins are some times heavy and i too clean up my bag when i get that heavy feeling...

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