Saturday, June 26, 2010

Machine Quilting Workshop

I'm taking a workshop tomorrow.
It's being taught by the wonderful Jan Rowe. (see below)
It's called "Machine Quilting for the Faint Hearted."
"In this day long workshop you will build a sample library of quilting stitch variations that you will want to use on your next project."
How could I resist?
So the prep for this workshop meant cutting 60 calico squares in order to make 30 quilt sandwiches..

And of course the wadding to go with them.
Did you notice my pink cutting mat? The other side is periwinkle.

Then I had to rule a design square on the top pieces of calico. And of course the sandwiches had to be basted together. And for that you need a big box.

The big box was to create a spray zone for my basting spray. It is way too cold at the moment to even think of doing this outside. In fact Perth has just had the second coldest night since recording began in the 1890's. (-.05 C) I will remind you that officially we are a Mediterranean climate - to which I say bah humbug.
So you lay the front and the back into the box and spray according to the directions. Do not lean over and breath the fumes or your nostrils will get sticky... and that's all I'm saying on that.

Wait the 3 to 5 minutes as stated on the directions. Now obviously with 30 sandwiches to make I did not do them one at a time. I removed the pair from the box and got as many pairs done in the 3 minutes that I could. I laid them out on the table and the bench. I sandwiched the first sprayed first and by the time I got to the last (about 7 pairs at a time) it had waited long enough.

So here are my sandwiches all ready for tomorrow. And what am I taking for lunch? A chicken schnitzel sandwich of course. (see post below)


This is a Jan Rowe quilt. click here or here or here or here
See how lucky I am?
Just another one of the privileges of guild membership.
Have you taken a class lately?


Kathie said...

these are the best type of classes to take
for years I kept these type samples jut to keep looking at. Especially the binding class I took like this where you had the sample for each corner and then another one for how to connect the beginning and end of the bias strips.

can't wait to see a few of your samples from the machine quilting class soon

Sue said...

Have fun. Jan is a great tutor and I've learnt heaps from her.

nima said...

wow..that sounds interesting...can't wait to see your samples

Allie said...

How I hate basting spray, lol - I always seem to use it when it's cold outside, and do like you do, in a box. And no matter how hard I try, my nostrils get sticky!
You sure are blessed to take this class, I can't wait to see how you do, I'd love to take this myself!

Barb said...

I can not wait to hear about your looks fun and I wish I could attend.

Julia said...

Have fun. Jan is a great tutor , can't wait to see a few of your samples from the machine quilting class..
Hugs Julia ♥

Jan said...

I am yet to atten a class on anything. We dont get many opportunities here in Kal and due to my inability to get around have not had one class in anything. Looing forward to hearing about your class.

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Sounds like a great class. I'm looking forward to seeing the 30 samples!

I don't envy you the cold snap. We are also a Mediterranean climate which means winter temps don't usually get much below forty degrees and that's at night. Day time temps don't go much below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. -0.5 is way too cold for me.

Enjoy the class!

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