Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kim's Tool Bracelet Tutorial

While at my computer this morning taking care of real business needs (as opposed to blogging) I did sneak a look at a couple of blogs I follow. Kim at Bitty Bits & Pieces has made this fantastic tutorial on making a tool bracelet - a little bling for your rotary cutter or scissors to keep track of what's yours when you are out and about with other quilty ladies. Totally worth a look.

Back to 'real' business now...


PS Judy at Green Fairy Quilts is having an Awesome little giveaway.


Allie said...

What a good idea - I never sew anywhere but home [sob - as in never been to a retreat] but this would be great to keep track of your stuff!

julieQ said...

Thank you...I went and looked!! I appreciate you taking time to share the link.

Stephanie said...

When I lived in Japan in the 90s I bought little scissor bells. They jingle so you hear them down in your sewing bag. Also great was to identify your tools at a class or retreat.

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