Monday, May 31, 2010

QuiltWest Quilts

121: "One Trunk, Many Leaves" Di Mansfield. Read about Di and how she made this quilt in "Down Under Quilts". Try the link here.

145: "My Garden Window" Leeanne Owens
124: "And the Grass Grows Green Again" Stephanie Knudsen
123: "Sunbaked" Cheryl Botha(detail)92: "Colours of the Tropics" Yvonne Chapman(detail)(detail)91: "Tropical Heat Wave" Stephanie Knudsen68: "Across the Rubicon" Cheryl Botha
Some of these quilts have a more contemporary feel...


Allie said...

That top quilt is amazing - how interesting to read about it! Very unusual quilt, and so creative. These are all lovely - Sunbaked almost looks like a photo!

nima said...

OMG...what an amazing muich of work and effort on each pieces...thank you so much for sharing the pictures

Barb said...

Those quilts are sooooo awesome...I kept saying that is my favorite and then another one would come into view and it would be my!!

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