Sunday, October 4, 2009

Perth Royal Show 2009

Mr Fixit and I went to the annual Perth Royal Show which is organised by the Royal Agricultural Society. (For those so inclined, it's the equivalent of a state fair.) It's the first time we ever went without kids and what a difference it makes. We wandered around for 9 (yes 9) hours and totally indulged in whatever we wanted to look at, or eat, or buy (which wasn't much). We looked at the showbags without having to assess cost and age suitability. We looked at the rides without having to decide if we could afford to put 3 kids on or re-mortgage the house. We walked down sideshow alley without being tempted by huge stuffed toys (every child's a winner!). We watched wood-chopping and the wool clothing fashion parade and part of a hypnotist act (too much patter and too over-the-top for me - although it did look like at least one girl was put under). But my favourite was wandering through the handcrafts and cookery without feeling like I had to rush. So without further ado - here are a few pics of what caught my eye in the cookery section ...
First up are the meringues:
My mother-in-law got a third, but my brother-in-law got a second... just a little friendly family rivalry... and neither will give me a recipe! LOL (Mum gives me her rejects and left-overs - yum!)
The sweetest assortment of cupcakes...

This Christmas cake is just too cute!
How about this Halloween cake?
The wedding cakes were spectacular! All the decorations had to be edible. Look at these flowers!

It's amazing all the talent lurking in lounge rooms everywhere!
In my next post I'll show you a few handcrafts...


Purple and Paisley said...

such gorgeous sweets! and you made me is so much easier doing things without the kids, isn't it? cheaper, too! ☺

Lurline said...

Thanks for a look-see, Shari - I saw plenty of rides, show bags animals with two little angels - your day will come, so glad you enjoyed!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Stephanie said...

I spied a polka dot cupcake! Every art form is inspiring. I'll bet the meringue reject are outstanding.

Jackie said...

They are all just gorgeous! I am not sure, I would have the heart to eat any of them.

Allie said...

Wow - I got a sugar rush just looking at them all! How lovely!

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