Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Under the Rainbow - and a giveaway

I just took this photo looking out my front door. The rainbow actually arcs the whole sky - but of course I don't have a panorama camera. The sky is black to the left of the photo and by the time I've come in and begun this post, the rain is here - complete with thunder. Today's forecast is rain and thunderstorms with lengthy fine periods and a high of 20C. And after the last three very busy days, perfect for staying home and working on paperwork and quilting...

This is the sky a few minutes later. It's actually raining in this photo. (I'm out the back under the patio).

The rain is really bucketing down now. This is great!

Look at these fat raindrops!

Our storm water goes into a water catchment lake around the corner. This is the same lake that the water helicopters use to fill up in to fight local bushfires. Thank the Lord it's raining!

Cheers - Shari

PS - Emily at Ravenhill is having a giveaway! Pop over for a look. She has a great blog - and makes the cutest Matroyshka dolls!


julieQ said...

Yes, thank the lord indeed for the life giving rains! Thank you for sharing your pretty pictures.

Julia said...

Hi Shari,
Did you get much rain last night,,,
It was very stormy here. bucketed down!
Love the rainbow photo.
Hugs julia ♥

Lurline said...

I agree - the rain is a blessing! Great pics!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Stephanie said...

I love a stormy sky and rain. We're having quite the storm right now too. No rainbow though.

Mel said...

Mmmm, I love the smell of a good rain!

Jackie said...

I just love a great rainbow and you can't have that without rain!

Rumi said...

It surely was raining buckets! I always like to see a pretty rainbow. Thanks for the photos.

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