Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mugz on Monday

Retreat Mug

The beautiful morning view of our retreat at Swanleigh.

Still recovering so will post about it later.


Jackie said...

What a beautiful setting for a retreat!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, relaxing view!

M said...

Yes it is a fantastic place.
I had a good night's sleep (plus an afternoon nap) but DH now complains about my snoring, hmmm.

Thank you for mentioning the blogs.
I had a lovely time checking your and L's most recent posts.

And discovered I created a blog myself a while ago: quiltsinspace.
I was experimenting - the only thing in there turns out to be a picture of the Hidden Wells top!
Very strange.


clare's craftroom said...

Hi have just found your blog . Hope all goes well with your shirt quilt and of course have fun at the retreat .

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