Monday, March 30, 2009

Mugz on Monday

The Australian Football League has officially started. My daughters barrack for the Fremantle Football Club. With official colours of purple, red, green and white, who wouldn't love them? They are re-building their team after the retirement/transfer of senior players, so will be interesting to keep an eye on them.


Jackie said...

Interesting to hear of sports in another country. I am assuming football is soccer?

SueR said...

Hi Shari, I never heard that word "barrack" before, but sure enough, it's in the dictionary. Learned something new today. The fabric with the ladies and hat boxes you found the other day is really cute--any idea what you'll do with it?

Janet said...

We don't follow the sport but you can't miss hearing about it when it's the season! I love the Michael Miller you have shown in your last post, I would have grabbed it too.

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