Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day (a little late)

This is my lovely prize from Kim at bitty bits and pieces,
for her 100th post giveaway.
Isn't this the most delicious prize ever? All pink and red and perfect for Valentine's Day. There was also some delicious chocolate but you know that doesn't last long! I haven't untied the little bundle of 2 1/2 inch squares yet - it's just so sweet and so neat and tidy! I love holding it in my hand. The little basket is so great too. For a tutorial on how to make one yourself, go to littlebusybee and scroll down to the bottom of the post (although you may want to slow as you pass the cookies). This would make such a cute Easter Basket, don'cha think? There's also a cinnamon lollipop - Australia doesn't have hardly anything flavoured with cinnamon in the lolly (candy) department. I grew up with a permanently red tongue as I used to suck on Red Hots all the time!
A BIG HUG and HUGE THANKS to lovely Kim for having the wisdom to choose the computer program that chose me!!
PS I know I blogged about this before, but now it's in my house!


Simone de Klerk said...

This looks like so much fun! This must really have given you the Valentines feeling (O:

Purple and Paisley said...

congrats on your win! i received a phone call that your angel is done...will put it in the mail for you this week!

Stephanie said...

congratulations! a bunch of prettiness.

belinda said...

OH MAN...what a lucky girl you are....I LOVE ALL of it!!

nannergirl said...

What a great prize!!!! Can't wait to see what you're gonna make Shari. Happy Valentine's!

Mel said...

What fun!!! It looks like a party in a box!!

Jackie said...

Fabulous little win! Happy Valentine's day several days late!

Sheri Howard said...

Weird that Australia doesn't have cinnamon, our friends in London can't find it either, when they come to see us, they load up on the cinnamon bears! Love your gifts!!

em's scrapbag said...

What a great package! So full of love.

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