Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Gonna' Be a Hot Summer!

Well Christmas is over and life has settled down. The tree will be put away in the next couple of days and preparations are underway for a week of 'camping' in Albany. We had a lovely cool Christmas but the days are heating up with hot hot weather by New Year's Day.

The hot weather brings bush fires and our firefighters work very hard over summer. Occasionally they travel over East to help out if needed. We import from the US a giant water tank helicopter for the summer season to supplement the smaller "heli-tacs" we have locally. When there are fires in our area (we are not far from the national park and there is a lot of bush around the area anyway) the heli-tacs will refill from our nearby lake. These photos were taken a couple of years ago.

If natural groundwater is not available, these collar tanks are set up and filled from a hydrant.

I hope to get back in to my sewing room today.




Robyn said...

Hi Shari :o)
Love your pretty!
It's really hot here today too... 35deg in the shade and really humid too...Yuk!
Hope there are no fires for you there this year.
Enjoy your camping :o)
Robyn xx

Terri S said...

Have fun camping!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for no fires. They can be nasty. Two of my brothers live in California and they had forest fires out there for weeks this summer. Said some days it was so smoky it was like night!!

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