Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Dear Stephanie over at Loft Creations has
given me a Christmas Spirit award.

I must admit I do like Christmas. I love Christmas fabrics, the colours and designs. I love putting a tree up with the lights and decorations - especially the special decorations attached to many wonderful memories over the years. I like thinking of giving gifts, and try to think of different ways to present ordinary items. One year I gave my daughter a dozen pair of socks, but we stuffed them into an old wrapping paper tube, and just put a single one in her stocking. It was hilarious. And she couldn't get the socks out of the tube without cutting it apart. One year my husband organised a treasure hunt by leaving cryptic clues which we followed from one clue to another. I can't remember the present at the end, but we had a lot of fun deciphering the clues and wondering around the house and grounds. We often have to give practical gifts and this is such a fun way to jazz it up without adding $. This is probably timely for many of us still today.

For the extended family we now do what they call a "Yankee Grab". Being the only Yank in the family I'd never heard of it, and probably was meant to be a little insulting when named. Anyway, it's really fun. Each person brings one wrapped gift not to exceed a $15 value. Each person takes a number (which is rigged so the youngest person goes last). The first person chooses a gift and opens it. The second person chooses a gift and opens it. They can then decide if they would like to swap the first person for their gift. The first person has to swap if that's what's wanted. The third person opens a gift and then decides if he wants to swap it for #1 or #2. Let's say he swaps it for #1. Then #1 can decide if he wants to swap with #2. Then the fourth person opens a gift and can swap with #1, #2, #3... and if they are swapped with then they can swap in that round as well. Once a gift is swapped in a round though it cannot be swapped again until the next round. The first year we did this we had 18 people and it lasted just over an hour. It was a lot of fun. The most hotly contested item was a set of sockets. The only person guaranteed to get their first choice of a gift is the person who goes last, as items can only be swapped once in a round. That's why we let the little ones go last. This year the dollar amount was raised to 20, and with a ban on food items and gift sets. Not sure how many are coming yet... we will be at my sister-in-law's house.

I hope you have lovely family traditions that you follow and that it all works out.

Merry Christmas!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing some of your traditions and favorite things. Sounds like you all have a lot of fun. Hope you'll let us know how the gift exchange goes at your sister-in-law's this year.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Congrate on your award. We play the same game but after 3 swaps the item cannot be taken and it is yours. We do not do the only swap in one turn, I may have to bring that up this sat. Most wanted gift lottery tickets!

Robyn said...

Hi Shari...oooh Christmas sounds like fun at your house!
Congrats on the neat award...You go girl :o)
I can't remember if I thanked you for commenting on the little house ornaments, but...thanks :o)
They're so fun and now I do have one on my tree too!! Wooohoo!!

Stephanie said...

I've done the Yankee Swap at parties. The gift can only be swapped 3 times. The gifts are usually gag gifts of some type. One year my husband ended up with the dreaded fruit cake!

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