Wednesday, November 19, 2008

National Quilt Register

I am fortunate enough to own several old family quilts. Some I received years ago and others were passed to me after my mother died. I have registered my old quilts on the National Quilt Register. I don't have digital photos of them yet but you can visit the Register. I left home at a young age and traveled and then emigrated so I have missed out on a lot of the family stories. Sadly there is no one left to ask so I've only sketchy information, but I have written what I know. This is one of three small quilts my grandmother made for my daughters. She was over 80 when she made it 1998 or 1999. It is machine pieced and quilted. The flash has over-brightened the colours, but it is a charming little quilt. I need to figure out the best light for taking photos and keeping the colours true. Any advice is appreciated.

Today was my last day at work until next year. I'm having a hysterectomy next week so will need to be a lady of leisure for six weeks. Between long service leave, sick leave, annual leave and my Christmas bonus we are looking happy happy for Christmas this year. Unfortunately I won't have the energy (or the doctor's permission) for any marathon shopping. I've been madly trying to organise a few gifts, clean my house, stock my pantry and plan non-physical activities (evidently sewing is too physical) so I won't be too bored. I am determined to avoid day-time tv so I have a stack of books ready, a few dvd's and daughters on standby to cater to my every whim. So I will have a quiet Christmas and I am looking forward to not going onto the usual merry-go-round (I can be a bit of a social butterfly when I'm well enough).

I'm pretty sure I can manage to keep up with my blog. Will just have to do it in short bursts rather than long sessions. In fact I'll probably start rambling on about nonsense and ya'll will need to give me a good talking to to keep my act together.


Julia said...

Hi Shari,
will be thinking of you...
Love the quilt, wish I had an old family quilt,
Ramble all you want, just so we know your doing OK.
Hugs julia

Anonymous said...

Hi Shari

Will be thinking of you, I had one when I was 42 ( oh dear five years ago) Make sure you rest after and I am sure you will be fine.


julieQ said...

I love your small quilt, made by your sweet grandmother. It is just wonderful! Hope you recover well and easily. I was told not to sew at the sewing machine when I had my back surgery in February, but I could sit and quietly hand sew! I go soooo much done! Enjoy your time off.

em's scrapbag said...

How neat to have all those old quilts. What treasures. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Purple and Paisley said...

i will be thinking of you as well..i had one several years ago and did fine...=)...the old quilts are gorgeous...and thank you so much for adding me to your favorites...i have added you to mine as well...=)

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