Saturday, November 8, 2008

Magazine Swap

Wow! Is it Saturday already? I've had a busy week with work and sick children and a bit of housework. And today promises to be busy as well and the morning practically half gone already.

I received a lovely package in the mail this week. Mel and I did a magazine swap. I sent her some Australian quilting magazines and she sent me a lovely assortment of American magazines, along with some country Christmas FQ's and a lovely card (that would make a great quilt). Thank you so much Mel!! I've only had time for a quick glance, but am really looking forward to getting stuck in to the Quilters' Home with Mark Lipinski. A dear friend Lurline brought one back from America last year and I thought it was great. Will have to see what I need to do for a subscription. I'm also looking forward to trying some of the recipes in the Family Circle. Lurline has also made some cute fabric baskets. There is a great tutorial here from Pink Penguin. I'm planning on trying it for Christmas.

We have had a really cold, wet week but the sun is shining today and it will be a lovely 25C. My oldest daughter Jessica is coming for a visit this afternoon. She's been in and out of hospital this week with what is most likely to be glandular fever - tests so far have been inconclusive but it takes a few weeks for the antibodies to become detectable. She's on the mend but really tired, and just so happy to not have a fever. Hannah's been off school a couple of days as well with a vague virus (headache and tummy ache) and the doctor basically shrugged her shoulders and prescribed rest etc. And my Corbie has a cold and a pulled muscle. I remember this sort of thing happening when they were little fairy princesses - all sick at once. It's never easy when your kids are sick, but it is better when they can help look after themselves - but I still have the worry lines. I'm the Mom, it's my job.
Time is running away with me so better sign off until next time!! Thanks for visiting!


Julia said...

Hi Shari,
Sorry to read the girls have been sick, hope they are well soon.
The mags look great,nice to see what the other part of the world are doing..
That card would make a great quilt, think about it Shari!
Hugs Julia

Mel said...

I'm glad you are pleased with the magazine assortment! I loved the ones you sent me and take them with me to show off!

Hope your girls are feeling better soon! Have a great week!

Mumsyblossom's World